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Demeter Technologies has broad experience in a variety of markets. This allows us to quickly guide our customers to the best solution to their material requirement. For new applications we can draw from our knowledge base to provide the best possible technology to improve your products.

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Auto Polishing

Aluminum oxide powders are an excellent base for polishes and glazes for automotive clearcoat finishes. They can be used for OEM, body shop, detailing and DIY. Powder or slurry forms are available. The size and hardness of the particles can be customized to match your specific formulation. The aluminum oxide particle size distribution is carefully controlled to optimize cut and surface finish while providing stable viscosity, good handling properties, low dusting and easy cleaning. Demeter Technologies aluminum oxides work equally well with natural and synthetic polishing pads and with both rotary and dual action polishers.

Marine Polishing

Aluminum oxide powders from Demeter technologies are designed to be formulated into compounds and polishes for a variety of gelcoats used on water sportscraft, fishing, recreational, commercial, and military power boats, sailboats and yachts. They provide high cut rates to increase throughput while producing a smooth finish to improve aesthetics and performance.

Aircraft Polishing

Formulated aluminum oxide slurries and powders met the exacting requirements for cabin transparencies in private, commercial, and military aircraft. Continuous control of particle hardness and particle size distribution are used in Demeter Technologies’ proprietary formulation to produce defect-free transparency surfaces that exhibit optimal clarity and superior structural stability. Cerium oxide powders provide rapid stock removal on glass cockpit widows and produce surfaces with excellent optical clarity.

Ophthalmic Lens

Demeter Technologies has developed their 3rd generation ophthalmic lens polish slurries to fit the needs of a sizes of prescription laboratories. All slurries are designed for use in all digital and conventional polishing systems and they a compatible with all currently available pad configurations. Proprietary classification methods produce very narrow particle size distributions which allow the slurries to polish to a brilliant, scratch and haze free surfaces. Years of experience in our research lab have led to the development of slurries which have excellent Baumé stability, low foam, easy cleaning, and long life even under the demands of high volume slurry systems.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Lanthanum and Cerium compounds are effective components for removal of phosphorus and other chemicals from water sources.

Precision Optics

Precision optics covers a wide variety of glass types and processes. Demeter Technologies offers a wide selection of cerium oxide, zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide powders and slurries which will meet your needs. Starting with custom designed raw materials, the particles are formed In a manner which produces consistent particle shape and hardness. Particle size reduction and classification is carried out to produce powders of very narrow particle size distribution which eliminates oversize particles which cause scratches and defects.


Whether you are polishing glass substrates for large LED displays, cover glass for mobile phones or anything in between, Demeter Technologies has a cerium oxide or zirconium oxide polish that will meet your needs. Particle hardness is meticulously controlled to produce high throughput rates and high yields to allow you to keep overall finished price per piece at a minimum.

Sapphire Substrate

Demeter Technologies aluminum oxides are a great base for sapphire substrate polishing slurries. Thermal treatment in electronic specification kilns produces aggressive particles to polish sapphire in this demanding application.

Metal Polish

Aluminum oxide powders and formulated slurries can be used to polish a variety of metals, including stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, copper and others. A wide variety of particle hardness, shapes and sizes are available to meet any metal polishing need. Specialty formulations are available to enhance the performance of many of the powders.

Rare Earth Compounds

Demeter Technologies has over 20 years’ experience in supplying a wide range of light and heavy rare earth compounds. These can be provided in oxide, carbonate, nitrate and acetate, as well as other forms. Purities range from 95 to 99.999% purities.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Lanthanum and Cerium compounds are effective components for removal of phosphorus and other chemicals from water sources.

Specialty Compounds

Contact us for a specific need that you have for fine inorganic chemical powders, slurries and formulations.

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