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Our experienced staff of engineers, scientists and technicians are always available to develop the custom technology and solution that your new product requires. They draw on their knowledge of a wide variety of markets including automotive, electronics, semiconductor, healthcare, photonics, aerospace, marine, and many others. This helps them to give you the latest technology at the greatest value.

Our technology in action

  • Raw material selection is critical to the powder performance. All of our key raw materials are supplied to our unique specifications. We work closely with our supply partners to develop raw materials that are consistent and that meet high performance objectives.
  • All of our powders are heat treated to control particle morphology, hardness and shape.
  • Particle size reduction and classification are achieved through a variety of wet or dry processes. This yields tight particle size distributions that ensure consistent physical properties and performance characteristics.


  • A variety of stock and custom formulations are available to provide extra value to your product.
  • Our process group has worked with a variety of packaging options from 1 kg individual bags, gallons, 20 kilogram boxes and pails and up to one metric ton bulk bags.
  • Our fully equipped R&D laboratory has all of the equipment need to characterize our products. In addition we have a large selection polishing tools that enable us to evaluate the performance of each lot of material.
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