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Our objective is to provide our customers with the best products and service to ensure their success. We strive to accommodate unique needs and have the flexibility and capabilities to deliver and meet objectives.

We supply value added products of:
  • Ceria powder and aqueous slurry
  • Alumina powder and aqueous slurry
  • Zirconia aqueous slurry
  • Colloidal silica slurry

for the polishing applications in the industries of vision optics, automobiles, precision optics and electronics


Flexibility & customization services—our sustainable advantage

Our specialties include: compound formation,  particle engineering  including shaping and classification, particle analysis/characterization, and slurry formulation for high quality surface finishing applications.

We customize products for our customer special needs. This customization, along with with our very quick decision capabilities, give us our CSA or “Competitive Sustainable Advantage” over our competitors.

R&D / Pilot Lab

We have a fully staffed, (75+ employees and 20 scientists), fully equipped, state-of-the-art R&D and Pilot Lab at our manufacturing facility, outside of Shanghai in Suzhou area.

Our fully equipped analytical lab includes the following:

  • DTA / TGA
  • SEM
  • BET surface area measurement instrument (x2)
  • Laser particle size distribution (x3)
  • X-Ray Diffraction
  • Viscosity / pH measurement
  • Light microscopes with NIC
  • Various types of polishers for surfacing performance testing

In addition, our QA / QC system in ISO9001 certified with FMEA, live SPC, 100% incoming and outgoing QC, and complete Failure Analysis (FA) capabilities.


With decades of industry experience working with Fortune 100 customers and TPL providers around the globe, Demeter can provide your company with consignment and inventory management and supply chain solutions.

Consignment / Small Orders / Large Orders

We can do small and large orders and have a warehouse for consignment in Chattanooga, Tennessee and plans to open one up in Europe in the near future.  If the business is justified, we will provide consignment as required in your area.  Our China factory currently has more than 2000 tons capacity and we are adding more in 2017.

Private Label

We can, and have already provided several of our larger customers with products for their own “private label” distribution.

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